About Us

World Tire Wholesale is a direct representative of the manufacture which specializes in the trade of tires and tubes by containers on a worldwide basis. WTW is headquartered in Belleville, New Jersey USA.

The core of WTW’s success resides in their focus to cater to all their customers needs and exceed their expectations while being an expert in the international tire trade. These skills, combined with a strong desire to be number one, contribute to WTW’s unparalleled success.

WTW’s operation offers distributors and retailers around the world quality tires for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, light and medium duty trucks, commercial, industrial vehicles and etc. We have the ability to ship an unlimited supply of any tire size by containers to any port in the world for the best pricing period!


Let Our Experts Help you!

Freight Forwarding 
We negotiate the best freight on your behalf. You benefit from our volume in shipping. 
We handle all booking and paperwork, including any special needs such as independent merchandise inspection, fumigation, etc. This way we keep control and can expedite shipments quickly and efficiently to our customers.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to build long-term personalized relationships with distributors and retailers world-wide in the tire industry. WTW has the ability to export quality tires to any port in the world. We pride ourself on efficiency, great prices and the delivery of quality tires to customers when they need it. Our strategic business model will exceed your expectations and will result in growing your business!